Who Are You?

We are a small, family run business with over 40 years of shared experience and knowledge in designing and making dresses, costumes and accessories.

What do you do?

Our business is made up of the marketplace, where you can buy unique handmade and vintage clothing and accessories online and our couture or made-to-measure dress design and creation service.

What is couture / made-to-measure?

Couture, or made-to-measure, is a service whereby we make a dress or piece of clothing of your choice to fit your measurements.

I see, what are the benefits of made-to-measure, as opposed to off the rack?

Having something made-to-measure means that you can have the dress you love handmade to the highest standards and cut to your exact measurements, making it more flattering and comfortable than an off-the-rack piece, which can often gape, wrinkle or cling in all the wrong places!

Hmmm... sounds expensive...

Not necessarily. Our prices start from €200 plus materials for an evening or cocktail dress dress and all of our prices are based on the fabric used and the complexity of the pattern or how many hours it will take to make. In general, we find that our rates are very competitive compared to the average cost of buying, say, a bridemaids or debs dress in store. And with us you get more say in the style and cut of your garb!

I've seen a dress I really like on the red carpet, can you make it?

While we don't believe in ripping off another designer's work by making exact copies of dresses, we often take inspiration from the red carpet and catwalks and can adapt a dress you've seen to suit your own personal style.

I'm not really sure what I'd like, can you help?

Our heads and scrapbooks are full of dresses waiting to come to life! We offer a free, no-obligation consultation service and can advise you on fabrics, colours and the most flattering cut for you.

Do you do weddings?

Brides-to-be and bridemaids are two of our biggest customer categories! We especially love doing fun, off-beat or vintage inspired Wedding dresses and helping people who can't find what they want in stores to create their perfect dress.

So what's the average cost of getting a wedding dress made?

We are always quite shocked to hear how much people spend on wedding dresses! Our prices come in far below average with prices starting from €750. In general, wedding dresses do tend to be a bit more expensive than evening dresses because people are more likely to choose luxurious fabrics, like silk and lace, and patterns which require more work. However, as we said, we base our prices on the cost of fabric and amount of hours it'll take to make, not the occasion you're wearing the dress to! The price includes all fittings and alterations (within reason — please don't go yo-yo dieting!).

How long does it take to make a dress?

It depends on the pattern, really. Ideally, 6 weeks to 2 months notice. If it's debs or wedding season, best to let us know even earlier so you're not disappointed!

How can I buy your items?

Our marketplace clothing, jewellery and accessories are for sale online at www.etsy.com/shop/FabricateDesigns. We deliver worldwide.

For our couture service - we are based in Bray, Co Wicklow, just off the M50 and N11, within easy distance of Dublin, its surrounding counties and the South East.

Who makes the items in your marketplace?

Aside from our carefully selected Vintage range, all of our pieces are handmade or hand-customised by us in Co Wicklow. Some pieces of clothing are made from scratch and some are pre-loved (though always in very good condition and carefully washed!).

I saw something I love on the marketplace but it's been sold :( can you make me another?

If the materials used aren't one-offs, we can usually make up something similar. Email us on


to request having something made to order.

One more thing...

If you have any other questions, please contact us on info@fabricate-designs.com!